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Was your flight delayed? Was your flight cancelled?

You can be entitled for €600 compensation!

Don’t let your money go down the drain!

How can we help you?
  You can be entitled to €600 compensation!
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Air Passenger Rights

Flight Refund’s online service provides help for passengers whose flights were significantly delayed (by at least 3 hours), cancelled or boarding was denied due to overbooking. You can claim a refund for the past 5 years!
My flight was delayed
Flight operation is a complex activity where different fields work together to get air passengers reach their destinations. Due to air traffic getting busier, in certain periods airports and airspaces may get overcrowded that lead to flight delays. The most common reason for flight delays are various weather conditions, strikes, overcrowded airports and technical issues.
My flight was cancelled
There are a number of reasons for flight cancellations. Although often it's the airlines' fault, there are some cases in which they don't have control. This is called a 'force majeure' situation: despite the airline’s best efforts the circumstances that led to the flight cancellation could not have been avoided. In this case the airlines are liable for mitigation and not compensation.
My boarding was denied
Denied boarding is the most difficult category to prove in a legal process. It is essential for the passenger to have proof that the boarding was denied against his/ her will, despite having a valid boarding card, travel documents, suitable sized hand luggage and he/she was present for boarding on time in a fit state to travel.

How it works

Our expert legal team can help you to collect your compensation from the airlines! We successfully helped thousands of passengers and we are confident that we can help you as well within a short period of time!

Check your compensation free online.
Register and check your compensation online
We enforce your claims (up to €600) with the airline
After the judgement of the case, we start the claim process with the airline
Receive up to €600 in compensation
The compensation amount can be up to €600. The amount depends on the length of the flight.

Why do I need Flight-Refund?

Claiming compensation is a long and burdensome legal process. The experience is that airlines often reject passengers’ claims. By doing so, they deny passengers the compensation they are entitled to. Flight Refund provides professional help: it speeds up the legal process and ensures that the compensation can be paid as soon as possible.
Do it yourself
If you start yourself
Slow administration process
Long correspondence with the airline
Lower chance for success
Little administrative experience
Flight Refund
If Flight Refund does the hard work
You pay only in case of a success
You can save time and energy
High rate of success
Experienced professionals
It only takes 5 minutes
Success fee based service
If it’s done by a lawyer
If you appoint a lawyer
Time consuming
Success is not guaranteed
Little administrative experience
The price can be very high

What guarantees the success of the Flight Refund?

Success fee based administration
Flight Refund works with lawyers and claim management experts who cover the entire area of the EU.

International Legal Expertise
Registration and administration are free. Our 30% success fee will be deducted from the compensation amount sent by the airline only in case of success!

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How can we help you?
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