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Covid flight cancellation ticket price refund

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(Please note that for all cancellations [or delays of more than 5 hours], without exception, the airline must offer the option of reimbursement, even in case of force majeure, and must cover the cost of care - including delays of less than 5 hours ) * Please only apply if the trip was canceled due to a reason beyond your control *

1. I would like to reclaim the full price of my flight ticket in cash and costs incurred in connection with the cancellation (eg meals / accommodation)

2. Has the airline offered a cash refund (for the full amount of the original ticket)?

3. Have you accepted rebooking or a voucher offered by the airline?

4. Did you accept a meal, accomodation or transport coupon from the airline comparable to the cost incurred?

5. How long did you wait for the alternative flight offered by the airline?

6. Original flights

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