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Under European Law (Reg. 261/2004) air passengers are entitled to compensation of up to 600 EUR in the event of longer than 3 hours delay, cancellation or denied boarding due to overbooking.
Regulation 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the European Council of 11 February 2004 established common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of:

a.) denied boarding,
b.) cancellation
c.) long delay of flights
Beyond the flights travelling within the European Union, the Regulation can also be implemented for flights either departing from or arriving to any EU countries. When a flight departing from a non-EU country the operating Airline has to be registered in the EU and the flight has to have an EU destination. Regulation 261/2004 is directly applicable to and is a mandatory not only in Hungary but also in the 27 Member States of the European Union. Moreover it is to be used in the states of the European Economic Area, thus in Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and it also applies in Switzerland.
Claiming compensation is a long and burdensome legal process. The experience is that airlines often reject passengers’ claims. By doing so, they deny passengers the compensation they are entitled to. Flight Refund provides professional help: it speeds up the legal process and ensures that the compensation can be paid as soon as possible.
We only deal with compensations related to air travel. Our legal team guarantees the highest quality service in air traffic and airline compensation cases. In addition, we only charge for successful claims.
Unfortunately, as in other cases, a 100% success rate cannot be guaranteed.
Depending on various conditions, the compensation can go up to EUR 600 per air passenger. If a family travels together, they can claim compensation for all family members, and the compensation can reach a couple of thousand euros.
It is impossible to predict how long a particular case will take but we make sure that you can follow the process anytime on our website using your personal identity code (provided to you during the registration process)
Click here to find all the necessary information for your registration.
Flight Refund undertakes to manage the personal data provided by the Air Passenger exclusively in order to enforce the Claim successfully, and it passes them onto a third person (Airline, Law Court) for this purpose only.
You may get information about the stages of the enforcement of your claim by logging onto the Flight Refund website using your email address and the password you were given when you registered. Following the login your own user surface appears on which you can follow the enforcement of your claim.
During the registration it is possible to provide data for passengers you had travelled with.
You can submit a claim within 5 years.
In case of successful claim enforcement the system sends out an automated mail notification in which it requests a Bank Account Number. Flight Refund will then transfer the money that was received from the Airline (except 30% success fee) to this account number in 8 working days.
No, there is no taxation for these types of compensations, but we strongly encourage all of our clients to consult a tax advisor.
Flight Refund works on a success fee basis. Our success fee is 30% (there is no applicable VAT in addition to our success fee) of the compensation paid by the airline.
Flight Refund covers all the expenses, such as legal fees, from this comission which are incurred during the proceedings.
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