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Denied boarding

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What shall I do if my boarding was denied?

Denied boarding is the most difficult category to prove in a legal process. It is essential for the passenger to have proof , that their boarding was denied against their will (despite having a valid boarding card, travel documents, suitable sized hand luggage and he or she was present for boarding on time in a fit state to travel).
In case of an argument between the denied passengers and the ground crew it is very important to obtain a voice record, a written record, or have witnesses of the incident. It is also very important to keep your temper, as in many countries it is a criminal offence to insult the crew members.
Unfortunately the airlines are trying to avoid to offer services or to pay compensation and they are not providing information to the affected passengers on the options either. Getting compensation for any sustained injuries associated with air travel can only be achieved with effective and clear legal resources. Flight Refund can provide you free help with that.

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