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Flight cancellations and their compensation

According to a current EC Regulation you may be entitled to a compensation in case of an unexpected flight cancellation. The compensation could be as much as 250EUR to 600 EUR per passenger. Regulation 261/2004 establishing common rules on the compensation and assistance of the passengers. Flight Refund has years of experience in succesfully collecting indemnity, has all the legal and technological background to help in representing your case against the airlines.
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Reasons for flight cancellations

There may be so many different reasons for cancelling a flight. We should differentiate between the ones that are of the airlines‘ fault or the ones that happened out of their control or scope of business operations. The unforeseeable, when despite taking extreme measures, still unavoidable and exceptional circumstances considered force majeure situations, airlines liable only for mitigation of damages and not for indemnity.
Force majeure category for example severe weather conditions or natural forces, that can mean danger to a flight, unexpected technical malfunctions that cannot be prevented even when taking all reasonable efforts, industrial actions (strikes), act of sabotage or terrorism may exempt air carriers from their obligation to pay compensation.
Should a flight be cancelled due to underbooking, labor logistic failures, technical problems that could/should have been fixed by regular maintenace; or to disruptions inside the air carrier’s scope of business operation therefore passengers don’t reach their destinations in the interval stated in the Regulation, compensation may be claimed.
All passengers with valid tickets are entitled to compensation, even those under the age of 2, who sit on their parents’ laps, regardless of the fact, that these tickets cost only the 10% of a regular priced ticket. There is also no difference between the indemnity and legitimacy of Economy, Business or First Class passengers. Important addition that the directive does not distinguish scheduled, to budget or to charter airlines, all types of commercial flights departing from the EU or the operating airline is seated within the EU are fall under the scope of the Regulation. Sign up, Flight Refund is here to enforce your rights!

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